Daniel Urbani

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“The Golden Hawks organization helped prepare me for my time in college hockey. The excellent guidance from the coaching staff elevated what was already called “the team to beat.” Jerome really does care about the advancement and development of his players onto the next level. The man has played the game at the highest level and know what it takes to succeed. With Jerome behind the bench, the team is in good hands to continue to fly higher than ever before. As in the front office, the passion of John McDonald has propelled Trenton into the nation’s elite. He has done a tremendous job to bring the community behind the team, and to make everyone proud to be a “Golden Hawk”. The support staff of Kevin and Kyle helped each player flourish under their role on the team and allowed guidance in their game. The training and athletic staff maintained my peak performance with work that most times gets unnoticed, for Nicola and Sarah, I attribute much of my success. The team wasn’t just the players in the locker room, it was the family throughout the organization, and spilled all throughout the community.


From day one, Trenton treated me to the highest level of respect. They understood my needs (on and off the ice casino) not only meeting them but surpassing them in every aspect. The team was special, everyone in the organization knew it. Throughout the entire program, everyone was focused on the task at hand: to come to the rink each day and battle. The success we achieved was through the hard work and dedication that each player put in. The goal was to win the Royal Bank Cup, but you don’t even think about getting that far without delivering on your goals today. I want every team in the future of Trenton to experience the journey that we had, but to finish what we started, to bring the national championship to a city that deserves it for all the love they put in. I feel privileged to have my name associated with the Trenton Golden Hawks. Even though I was only in Trenton for a year, I consider myself a Golden Hawk for life. ” -Daniel Urbani

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Curtis Harvey

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“When I arrived to Trenton I didn’t know what to expect. I had just been traded and all I could remember about Trenton was coming into the hawks nest as an opponent and being intimidated and dreading to have to play 60 minutes in that rink. I quickly realized why it was so frustrating being an opposing team in the Duncan; it was because you wished you were apart of the Trenton Golden Hawks yourself. Every hockey player would love to have screaming, loyal fans on your side, to have amazing billets, to have the best support staff one could ask for, to have the best coaches in the league. That is what the entire Trenton organization put forth day in day out.

My experience with the Golden Hawks was unbelievable. My days spent in Trenton were the best of my junior career.
I would do it all over again in a heart beat.”
Curtis Harvey #93

Kevin Lavoie

” Throughout my career I was fortunate enough to play for the Trenton Goldenhawks throughout the 2014-2015 season as well as the 2015-2016 season.  Believe me when I say, it was an absolute privilege to do so. During my time in Trenton, I was able to create some memories and friendships that will last a lifetime. For 2 years I was able to call Trenton home as it accepted me with open arms. From my billet family to the enthusiastic fans in section 7, I truly felt like I was a part of something much bigger than hockey. As I reflect on what made my time in Trenton so memorable, it would have to be the Goldenhawks program and the overall experience.

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Anyone who has ever laced up his skates as a Trenton Goldenhawk can agree with me when I say it is an elite organization.  From the practices to the pregame meals, the Trenton GoldenHawks organization is in the upper echelon of Jr. hockey. Being a graduate from this program and having moved on to play NCAA Division I, I can truly confirm that those who move on from Trenton to the next level will have a great transition. The Trenton Goldenhawk program demands excellence and your very best every single day. As you move on in hockey, that very concept is the difference between being in the stands and being on the ice. What the Trenton Goldehhawks have instilled into their culture and everyday mentality is exactly what is needed at the next level. For instance, the simple fundamental of perfect practice becoming perfect play, the team workouts in order to outwork other teams on the ice and the video to learn and correct mistakes, cumulates into becoming an elite player of the next level.

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The Trenton Goldenhawks organization has taught me not only valuables aspects on the ice, but the program has also shown me how to be a pro day in and day out.  In addition, not only did the program help me grow as a hockey player and an individual, but so did the overall experience.

Living away from home for the first time is a shocking concept to grasp as you are on your way to be billeted in Trenton.  But boy would I never expect what would happen next. I will always remember it like it was yesterday, the initial meeting of the billet family. From the moment I set foot in my billet house, it became a home. The Trenton Goldenhawks organization takes immense pride in the comfort of their players and providing home’s away from home. For this I can’t thank them enough. My two years living away from home were years that I would not even consider on my own.

Finally when it comes to experience, my time in Trenton has given me friendships that will last a lifetime. This organization not only recruits hard working hockey players but a criterion that is always considered is the recruitment is one of an exceptional individual. I have met friends that I still keep in touch with and that are always a phone call away.

Beyond that, the staff in Trenton is simply incomparable. Mr. McDonald, Coach Dupont, Coach Kevin, Coach Kyle, Sarah, Nicholas and whomever I am missing, create an amazing atmosphere that promotes player development both on and off the ice.

To end, I would like to add that whoever is able to read this at this moment, to please take advantage of this amazing opportunity in front of you. Buy in and it will come back to you not only in the short term but also the long term as you move on.  My time in Trenton has shaped me into the man I am today and I cannot thank everyone who was involved enough. I am proud to be an alumni/graduate of this program. To win a ring with this team is simply the cherry on top. ”

Yours truly,

Kevin Lavoie

Goldenhawk Alumni & 2015-2016 Dudley-Hewitt Cup Champion.



Mitch Emerson

“My time spent playing for the Trenton Golden Hawks in the 2015/16 season was an experience that’s tough to put into words. From the first day of training camp, I immediately knew I was in a special place. After playing against the Hawks for 2 years, I was excited to call the Duncan McDonald Memorial home. After being traded to the Hawks leading into my last year of junior hockey, my first thought was to finally have that unbelievable crowd cheering for me rather than against me. The Golden Hawks organization have created such a strong bond with the community that we were playing for an entire town rather than just a team. When people ask about my time in Trenton, the first thing that comes to mind is how well the community and organization treated the players. I think I speak for all past and present Golden Hawks when I say that the organization and town of Trenton made us feel like professional hockey players. A large part of this came from John McDonald and the ownership – they are completely invested in providing not only a winning culture, but a family experience that makes living away from home easy. The dedication from Jerome Dupont, as well as the coaching and medical staff is hard to find in junior hockey. During my time in Trenton I have never been closer to a group of teammates. Living in Trenton and playing for the Hawks left me with a second family. Even though we fell 2 wins away from an RBC Cup Championship, there is no organization I would have rather spent my last year of junior hockey with. The opportunity to play for the Hawks was the best experience of my life. While I only spent 1 year in Trenton, I am proud to say I am a Trenton Golden Hawks alumni. ” – Mitch Emerson #9